NOSMARTPHONEJust a reminder, this website will not work on smartphones - those screens are too small.  Repeat...smartphones (even mine) will not work for this website.

First and foremost, this website is best experienced on a computer screen.  The images will display on tablets, but the larger the screen the better because you will want to see the detail.

Secondly, each menu item is dedicated to either one park or the seven wards of St. Paul.  The large St. Paul parks have their own dedicated page and will not appear in their Ward (this saves on speed to load the screen).

Navigation is easy.  Below is a snapshot of the opening screen for Ward6.  My recommendation is to immediately maximize the map by clicking on the box underneath the plus/minus.  This makes the whole screen available for viewing the images that I’ve taken from inside the park.


You can use your mouse or the plus/minus to zoom in and out.


When you click on a pin, the image should open up.


You may need to move the map around a bit in order to see the whole image.  Play around with it.

Do you notice that clicking outside the image will make it disappear?  Just click on it again and it will open up.

Play around with it, you’ll get the hang of it.  You can also switch between satellite and map!

Hit the escape and you’ll return to the home page.  Have fun!